Best Gluten-Free Wine Brands

Alcohols that come from grains, such as whiskey and beer, contain gluten. The good thing about wine is that it’s made from grapes, which do not have any of the gluten proteins found in grain. This explains why the average grape juice bottle is labelled gluten-free.

A note of caution, though, some winemakers include ingredients that contain traces of gluten, including sealant and fining agents. You see, even when grapes are entirely gluten-free, the special sealant and rarely used fining agents can have a little gluten in them.

If you’re committed to drinking only wines that don’t have any gluten in them, take note of these wine brands:

1. Frey

Frey Vineyards is a familiar face to start with. It’s the first certified organic winery and first certified biodynamic wine producer in the United States. It dates back to the late 1960s, when a family in California planted vines to sell grapes to other wineries. The Frey Vineyards was officially born in 1979 when a wine produced from the family’s Cabernet grapes won an award. It wasn’t long that the family decided to make wines themselves.

Thirty years later, Frey is still producing sulphite free, organic wines to different countries. Thanks to its sustainable agricultural practices, Frey has received several awards for its quality natural healthy wines.

It excels in biodynamic farming, allowing all-natural life to thrive in the vineyard. As a matter of fact, 90% of Frey’s land is held as an unspoiled natural habitat for native plants and animals and the rest for vines. The vineyard also condemns the use of any chemicals, toxins, or animal-based fining agents.

Frey is upfront about the safety of bentonite, a naturally-occurring earth clay used as a fining agent in its white wines. It doesn’t contain traces of gluten, so the wines from Frey vineyards should pose no problem for those with gluten allergies.

2. Domaine Gioulis

Here’s another promising gluten-free wine brand from Greece that you should try: Domaine Gioulis! The winery was founded in 1993 by the agronomist oenologist Geroge Gioulis. For years, George and his family took care of the only winery in Greece that holds NOP certification and organic DIO certification. Their commitment to preserving organic growing practices is matched with their commitment to producing unique and high-quality wines.

The brand offers Agiorgitiko, the most planted grape variety in Greece. Others call the wine from this grape ‘blood of Hercules’ as he supposedly drank this when he killed the Nemean lion. The bottle of Agiorgitiko offers floral notes of roses, excellent acid and aroma. While the name may be hard to pronounce, it’s almost too easy to drink and pair with stews and grilled meats. Hence, you should be wise to check out this wine.

If Greece is an origin you’re interested in, you’ll be pleased to know just how involved Domaine Gioulis is in your wine drinking experience.

3. Inkarri

Sitting pretty among 2021’s best gluten-free wine brands is Inkarri. While it’s still a minority in the wine-producing space, their dedication to biodynamic farming and future-forward agricultural practices makes the wines extraordinary. As Inkarri puts it, ‘viticulture for the future.

You’ll find that each bottle features an unparalleled level of detail. With the detailed tech sheet, it’s easy to learn about the wine’s origin, makeup, composition, production, climate, aging, and more. Their best-seller, Malbec, is produced in a light style and flavor note combinations. It’s noted chiefly for its contradictory aroma- ‘fruity but finished dry’ and ‘juicy but stony’.

4. Radius

The next gluten-free brand to add to your wine rack is the Radius. It hails from both Washingtonian and Californian origins. Their red wines are consistently rated high on Total Wine by gluten-free drinkers. The top pick on Total Wine is their red blend, celebrated for its rich flavors.

Although their white wines are not gluten-free, it’s easy to fall in love with their mellow merlot and sharp cabernet sauvignon. If you want something to pair with your steak dinner, the Eclipse Dark Red Blend is an ideal choice.

5. Cupcake

One of the many things that makes a wine inviting is the packaging. Luckily, the brand Cupcake doesn’t disappoint. The dazzling packaging is hard to ignore and makes their wines the perfect holiday gift.

Like the delectable dessert after which it is named, the winery is dedicated to injecting sweetness and fruity notes into each wine. Their Red Velvet is a rich crown favorite, scoring a staggering 90 points at the 2014 International Sommelier Challenge. Moreover, the brand has created an enviable line of roses, whites, moscatos, and sparkling rounds. And if you’re feeling extra thrifty, Cupcake offers a few canned versions.

For celebrations, pick out the Cupcake Prosecco as it can easily be paired with salads and any dish. It also makes for a perfect part of a dessert, such as chic cocktails.

No matter which wine you will choose, you’ll find something to love with Radius.

6. Koyle

A family owned-winery for more than 6 generations, Koyle dates all the way back to 1885. It dedicates itself to organic approaches, and it is through a biodynamic process, Koyle has achieved their wines of excellence.

These wines are characterized by balance, freshness, elegance, and good structure. Each bottle comes with a detailed note list of the distinct terroir of their origin. You can also find additional descriptions of decanting length and number of barrels produced. The wines are definitely not substandard, as they are all concentrated with good acidity. More than anything, the wines are gluten-free.

Bring the flavors of Spain to your own table by trying some of these best-sellers: Auma Red Blend and Royale Syrah.

7. Tarantas

Here’s an origin you’ve yet to try- Spain. Not far from the charming village of Requena, Spain lies the Bodegas Iranzo winery, the producer of Tarantas Wines.

They have been exclusively producing the finest Spanish organic wines since 1994, and they’re one of the first wineries in Spain to be given an organic certification label. When it comes to winemaking, it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing. After all, Bodegas Iranzo has decades of practice under its belt.

Passionate wine lovers say that nothing beats a nice glass of Spanish red, so why not start the floral and nutty Tarantas Cava? If you want something a bit stronger, you can’t go wrong with the complex bottle of tempranillo.
Capture the essence of Spain in every glass of Tarantas wines!

8. Bodegas Familiares Matarromera

And if you’re already a serious Spanish wine drinker, the iconic Bodegas Familiares Matarromera will likely ring a bell. This is a well-known Spanish winery that boasts gluten-free wines built on the standards of long-term growth, economic development, and sustainability.

The entire wine portfolio isn’t gluten-free, so you might want to level up your Spanish flavor palette with these gluten-free red wines- Cyan Roble Tinta De Toro and Caja Grande Roble Magnum.