Brookstone Compact Lever Wine Opener Review

Picture the scene: it’s a summer evening, blankets and pillows are spread out in the backyard, and your beloved is by your side.

Complete with candles and conversation, you decide to reach for a bottle of white Bordeaux, and then start uncorking it using the hammer and screw method. Fifteen minutes pass by, and you’re still working on that cork. Sounds like an interlude of romance is about to be ruined by the lack of a simple wine opener, right?

Brookstone Compact Lever Wine Opener Review – Main features

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This opener measures 3.8x 7.2x 7.3 inches and weighs 2 pounds. As bulky as it seems, it isn’t as heavy as other models in this category.

The polished metal construction puts the No products found. ahead of its competition. Unlike other models, this one doesn’t have any plastic functional components. The only features that aren’t made or coated with metal are the soft grip on the lever and the protective edge cover.

While there are no soft grips on the body of this opener, it is still surprisingly easy to operate. It also sits well in your hand, thanks to the gentle contours on its body and back arm. The combination of the polished metal and gentle contours guarantee a grip like no other. Thus, you can secure it into the wine bottle for a single motion cork removal.

No products found. incorporated a good worm corkscrew, making the opener suitable for natural and synthetic corks with ease. The opener is also designed to perform well with old dried-out corks.

What makes this opener hard to rival is the extra-long, ergonomic handle that makes way for less pulling power during uncorking. Owing to such greater leverage, you can effortlessly pop the bottle with little to no effort. What’s more, the metal handle and metal worm secure that this lever wine opener doesn’t have that flimsy, cheap feel.

Wine lovers love the sleekness and compactness of this tool as well as its smooth operation. A few users noted, however, that you need a bit of upper body strength during operation.

How would you like to open your wine bottle in less than five seconds next time? With the No products found., you can do just that.


  • solid and durable construction
  • excellent grip for easy handling
  • streamlined metal construction
  • fast and smooth cork removal
  • professional looking
  • long lever
  • great for regular use


  • no accessories or decorative packaging
  • requires a bit of force to use

Who is Brookstone Compact Lever Wine Opener for

If you are in the market for a lever model, the No products found. is a winner. It allows incredible ease of use so that you can uncork the bottle in a matter of seconds. With its stylish polished metal, this opener will stand out in your bar, restaurant, wine tasting room, or kitchen.

As for the size, this lever opener is a bit big, but you’ll be hooked with how fast and smooth it uncorks a wine bottle.

What’s included in the package

It doesn’t come with a presentable box and other accessories. However, considering its usability and efficiency, these are only minor downsides.

You might think that premium wine openers have to be expensive. There certainly are models that break the bank, but the No products found. is a bargain to be had.

How to Use Brookstone Compact Lever Wine Opener

  1. Using a foil cutter, cut the foil off of the wine bottle.
  2. Position the wine opener on top of the bottle with the lever lifted up, and squeeze the body and the back arm firmly.
  3. Keep squeezing and pull the lever down.
  4. Once the worm is all the way into the cork, pull the lever back up to remove it.
  5. Squeeze the body and the back arm once again and pull the lever down to get the cork out.

Potential Alternative

To be honest, no alternative can measure up to the efficiency of this lever wine opener, aside from the No products found.. This brand stands out with its non-slip grip and comfortable design. Its handle fits perfectly into one’s hand, no matter the size. Also, the attention to detail and high-end craftsmanship is a bonus.

It boasts of precision, which means that even if it’s your first time to use a wine opener, you can hit the right area of the cork. If you’re so much into wine openers that come in a presentable box to double as storage, this alternative is for you.


The No products found. ticks all the boxes. At an affordable price point, you get to enjoy a wine opener that excels in every aspect. Though it’s not as easy to keep in your pocket, that’s just a little compromise for an opener that completes wine nights with your beloved.