How Soon Can You Drink Homemade Wine?

When you are just starting out to make wine at home, we’re sure you have thought about, how soon can you drink homemade wine? That question will be answered right here along with some more beneficial information so you can get that wine made, pop that cork and have a toast for all your work. Good things will come to those that wait, right? And wine is definitely a good thing. So, to be honest it will take some time before your wine is actually ready to drink. How long does it take to make homemade wine?

Begin to make your wine

Once you’ve gathered everything you will need to make your wine, it’s important to wash and sanitize all your equipment before getting started. Any dust or stains on your equipment could hold bacteria and other microorganisms and that could destroy your wine.

How long does it take to make homemade wine?

Well, there really isn’t a fast and hard response. But you can typically expect approximately six months from putting your ingredients to your wine, popping the cork and enjoying your first taste. It may seem like a long time, but the result will be well worth it.

If you just can’t wait anymore, it would be alright to uncork your wine after approximately a month. However, you will have better results the longer the fermentation period which is one to three months and a longer aging period which is two to three months.

 How Soon Can You Drink Homemade Wine?

Typically, it takes two weeks for the fermentation period and then two to three weeks for it to age properly before it is ready for you to bottle it.

The longer you keep your wine bottled, the better the result. Wine is aged to allow it to have more aroma, taste and color. Wine growers strongly recommend to not rush the process as they think it is a waste of good wine.

When will my homemade wine be ready to enjoy? The least amount of time to be able to enjoy your homemade wine is 2 months. That would include the complete process of processing, fermentation and the least amount of ageing time.

It is not advised to hurry the minimal process and open your wine too early. Adhere to the directions on the wine you are making and allow it to age a bit longer rather than open it too soon.

How long do you age your wine?

Homemade wines all have to mature for a little while, whereas wine purchased from the store is ready to drink right away. The reality of it is, wines purchased in the store will not get better with age.

We are going to clarify properties to wines that may change their ageing and the numerous principles you may need to keep an eye out for regarding aging your wine.

Red wines are can benefit from aging. Rosé and whites don’t benefit as much from trying to age it further then what is typically required.

The ability of ageing can vary depending on what type of seal, screw caps or corks, you use to secure your bottles. When cork is used it is never completely sealed and may allow oxygen to seep into your bottle of wine. This allows the wine to develop new tastes and mature better in time.

When a screw cap is used, your wine is most likely not supposed to be aged for several years. Wines with screw caps are more for wine that is consumed every day, which when opened can be enjoyed and put back in storage. Longer lasting wines with a liquor are meant to enjoy all day and night of the time it was opened to get the best tasting experience.

Can homemade wine be poisonous?

Interesting that we don’t ask if homemade cake or cookies are poisonous. Homemade wines along with ciders, beer and mead, are as safe as their store-bought equals. So why does the question, “can homemade wine be poisonous, continues to be asked?

 So, to answer that question, so much of it is horrible. There are so many methods and recipes available on the internet that have no science behind it and have very little knowledge of even the rudimentary principles of winemaking. Making wine at home does not require you to be a scientist. There are many great methods and recipes available as there are some bad ones.

It can be hard for a beginner to distinguish between repeatable and accurate methods as opposed to a more hit or miss method.

In Conclusion

How soon can you drink homemade wine? With no added steps, homemade wine will remain good for about a year. Stored properly, no direct light, in temperature free surroundings, adding extra sulfites prior to bottling, you will increase its life by a few years. It’s best to drink the wine within the first few years after making it, as some wines age better than others and when they hit the 5-year mark, they may not be as delicious.