How to Drink Red Wine Without Staining Your Lips?

No doubt red lips can be sexy. But probably only when they have a nice shade of Dior rouge. Wine-stained red lips wouldn’t be the look you were trying to achieve. But, how to drink wine without staining your lips?

It’s not only embarrassing, but also unattractive. After enjoying a couple of glasses of Pino Noir, you realize your lips and teeth are now the color of your wine. You really don’t need anything special to get rid of those revealing signs. Some proper prep and some quick fixes will mean that you cannot only have your wine, but you can drink it too.

If you start out drinking your wine with dry, cracked lips, chances are the wine will stay right on those cracks. Keeping your lips moist with a lip gloss or lip moisturizer will solve the problem and also stops your lips from drying out as it will provide a bit of protection to avoid cracked lips.

What is on your lips?

First let’s understand what exactly is on our lips, then we can learn how to drink red wine without staining them. Nothing to be embarrassed by, but you can easily avoid it. Simply make a barrier between your lips and the wine. Lip balm can do exactly that.

  1. Keeping your lips moist with a lip balm is easy, as most likely you will find one in the bottom of your handbag. When you apply the lip balm regularly, it will create a barrier between your lips and your wine. And there you have it, you’ve avoided stained lips. But, be sure to brush your teeth before going to bed to keep the wine from staining those as well.
  2. Red lipstick. Can’t beat it, just match it! Cover up the evidence by wearing red lipstick from the start. The look will be sexy, smart and whoever you’re with will find it appealing.
  3. Brush your teeth. Not only brush your teeth, but brush your tongue as well, along with exfoliating your lips before drinking your wine. It smooths the surface of your mouth and lips which is where the pigments from the wine will settle. It may not last past one glass of wine, but it is better than doing nothing. This tip should be done about an hour prior to drinking red wine. If you don’t, you probably won’t even want to drink your wine, as toothpaste and wine don’t mix well together.
  4. This one is a two for one. Drink a lot of water! Water will not only get rid of any traces of wine in your mouth or on your lips, it will also lessen a wine headache the following day. If sparkling water is available, even better as that will scrub your teeth even more.
  5. Wine wipes. These come in a nice small compact of about 20 wipes along with a mirror. It will help to remove any wine on the teeth and lips with just one simple swipe. Orange blossom flavor is a great choice as it will not affect your palate when enjoying your wine.
  6.  Exfoliate. When your lips are dry, wine stains are more likely to remain as a reminder. Dry lips will absorb more moisture from whatever you’re drinking, and when drinking wine, it will appear as red, flaky lips. So, prior to drinking, take a minute to exfoliate your lips. You can also choose to use a clean, dry toothbrush, some baking soda with a little water added or a soft towel to remove any dry skin. After doing that, be sure to put a high-quality lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and you will be less likely to have those annoying wine-stained lips.
  7. While you’re drinking.  This tip may not be the most sophisticated way to enjoy your glass of Merlot, but it good most assuredly keep your lips stain free. Use a straw. Any liquid will surely go right by your lips. You can also to choose to drink a wine spritzer served in a tall glass rather than a wine glass, if you feel self-conscious about asking for a straw.
  8. Lime and lemons. If you have not done any of the above to prepare against wine-stained lips and find yourself in a pinch, ask your server for a lime or lemon wedge with your drink. Simply by biting down on either one, the citrus using your lips, the acidity will remove the stains left from your wine. If the citrus gets on your teeth, rinse your mouth with water so the acid does not stay on your enamel.

Most things, even good things have aftermath. We can’t do much to change nature, right? We can think creatively to get pleasure from the things we so enjoy.

Show off those pearly whites! Even while enjoying your favorite glass of wine. Cheers!