How to Use Lever Wine Opener?

Never again will a cork come between you and your bottle of wine! With the variety of corkscrews available, you’ll be sure to find one that is easy to use. The lever wine opener is easy to use and is becoming the go to for opening any wine bottle. Here is how to use lever wine opener.

Lever corkscrews are becoming popular due to how easy they are to use. Typically, they need just two movements; a forward motion to insert the worm into the cork and another to pull gently to release the cork from the bottle. The biggest benefit of using a lever corkscrew is the amount of leverage they have when the handle securely grasps the neck of the bottle when the corkscrew is being used.

Rabbit Style Lever

Now this one take first prize for it ease of use, besides a table mounted or an electrical one. It gets its name because of how it is shaped. Newer ones that followed suit may not have the same look.

You simply clamp the corkscrew over the top of the bottle, taking advantage of the rabbit ear grip, then pull the lever to insert the worm, forcing it back to the start location, pulling out the cork. You can use the same method to put the cork back in.

The fact that it is reduced to one lever, allows the person to open the bottle to operate it through the clamp. By pressing down the bottle using the winged corkscrew, with the resistance of the table, it pushes the cork up. No one actually has to secure the wine bottle directly.

A lever operated corkscrew is used with the Rabbit corkscrew to take out the cork from the bottle. There is minimal pulling and twisting on your part as they are mechanized. Rather, you open the wine bottle by grasping the handles and then pull the lever. This makes opening the bottle easier and faster than traditional corkscrews. No more cork struggling in order to enjoy your favorite wine!

How To Use Lever Wine Opener

After removing the foil and wax seal (if it has one) from the wine bottle, hold the rabbit corkscrew handles in one hand, and with the other hand lift the lever. The corkscrew will then rise to a higher position.

Place the corkscrew in the center of the cork and lower the opening over the neck of the wine bottle. Squeezing the handles to mount the corkscrew to the bottle and hold a tight grip when taking out the cork.

The corkscrew will dig into the cork as you lift the lever. Move the lever down to slide the cork up and remove the cork. Release your hold on the handles and raise the corkscrew from the wine bottle.

To remove the cork from the corkscrew, raise the lever to lower the cork and the corkscrew. Once lowered, tighten the handles and pull the lever down. The cork will now slip off the corkscrew.

We recommend the following lever corkscrew for obvious reasons.

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Removable Foil Cutter

You never have worry about removing the cork from a wine bottle again. The foil cutter is highly effective and is easily removed and replaced on its slot on the corkscrew; how clever! And it is equally easy to remove the cork from the corkscrew once you have extracted it from the wine bottle. Works just as well on natural and synthetic corks. You’ll never want or need another.

  • Two simple motions to remove the cork in seconds
  • Works with synthetic or natural corks
  • Handle is die-cast zinc with non-slip, soft grip providing leverage and comfort of use
  • Single pump of the lever removes cork automatically
  • Glides smoothly into cork using a non-stick screw
  • The foil cutter is removeable and stores on the corkscrew for easy access and suitable storage

Double Lever Corkscrew

Double lever corkscrews are light weight, fit well in your hand and are easy to use. It’s easy to remove the cork from the bottle due to the two-step lever action. Most of them come with a small foil cutter as well.

Here’s how to use a double lever corkscrew

Keep the bottle on a flat surface. Use the foil cutter to cut and remove the foil. Place the worm into the cork, then turn the corkscrew into the cork.

Leave about two or three spirals on the corkscrew to prevent penetrating the cork at the other end. Put the lever on the bottle’s neck, life the corkscrew up until the second lever lines up with the neck of the bottle.

Place the second lever on the neck of the bottle and repeat the process. The cork should now be released. However, if it is not, a slight pull on the corkscrew should do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Lever wine openers are readily available and come with acceptable guarantees. They are not the cheapest wine openers available, but their reputation speaks for itself. Their style is unique and elegant which will definitely make a statement to your quests. They also make great gifts for your fellow wine lovers. Lever wine openers make opening wine bottles faster and much easier, with the reduced risk of breaking the cork and possibly having pieces of the cork fall into your wine.