Rabbit Aerator and Pourer Review

Are you pairing juicy red meat with a glass of light and refreshing Merlot? Sounds great. When a great wine matches a dish creatively, the conversation at the dining table becomes more animated. There’s nothing like a great satisfaction in sharing a glass of wine with family and friends. But, when it comes to enjoying the best glass of wine, it’s not all about the wine itself. To give lift and arguably transform your glass of wine, you need a wine aerator and pourer.

A best-selling aerator and pourer that is changing the way we drink wine is the Rabbit Aerator and Pourer. It’s a classic wine aerator and pourer that effortlessly brings out the aromas of your wine and makes it taste fuller by using a straightforward way of oxygenating a large amount of wine. While it is designed to look like a simple pouring spout, you’ll be surprised at how it can infuse lots of oxygen into your wine.

With this aerator, the wine can be consumed right from the bottle and consumed one glass at a time. The taste is similar to a wine that was decanted without the extra work of transferring to another container. It can fit snugly on almost any wine bottle as it is designed with versatility in mind.

Rabbit Aerator and Pourer Features:

  • wine is well-oxygenated and aerated straight from the bottle
  • wine is poured neatly
  • can be used for any wine bottle type
  • can be detached for easy cleaning and storage
  • has polished stainless steel accents
  • offers high-quality design and durable construction
  • comes with a nice storage case
  • sells at an affordable price


The Rabbit Aerator and Pourer is intended to ensure that the wine is filtered for clearer and sediment-free wine. No matter what type of wine you want to romance your date, for instance, this product eliminates the bitter taste. It also eliminates the hassle of allowing the wine to breathe for hours and waiting for it to oxygenate. As soon as you pour the wine, the aerator lets oxygen in. You don’t have to swish the wine anymore because enough oxygen already enters. A soft hissing sound is produced as you pour the wine into the aerator and out of the glass. This guarantees that the wine is adequately oxidized. You will know that the wine is fully aerated once a good number of bubbles lie on the surface of the liquid.

This aerator is ideal if you don’t want to air your bottle over the space of 2-4 hours. It speeds up the process of airing the bottle, so you don’t need to use a decanter. What’s more, you will save time and effort in reusing the wine container in getting rid of the residue, sediments, and bitter taste that is left from the fermentation process. As we all know, a vintage wine has an old taste to it when fermented for days. With this aerator, the unwanted taste can be removed and replaced with a much more pleasant taste. You can let your bottle breath as soon as the wine is poured out, thereby creating smoother flavors in a shorter amount of time.

Unlike other aerators in the market, this one features a simple design that makes connoisseurs skeptical at first of its function. While the process of oxygenation is straightforward, it surprisingly gives the wine more flavor and well-dissolves the mixture of mixed fruits. Those who gave this aerator a five-star review recommends pouring the wine from a higher angle to increase the wine’s oxygen content. If there is unconsumed wine, the aerator can act as a cork. You can just leave it on the bottle so that the wine is preserved for other occasions.

The Rabbit Aerator and Pourer allow you to pour the wine quickly without drips and spills. It doesn’t come with attachments that can lead to spilling. Thus, there is an assurance that you won’t have a hard time pouring the wine into a glass. Additionally, the slim silicone insert fits securely in all bottle types and ensures smooth, drip-free pouring. The wine is dispensed through a tube and transferred to the glass at a speed of 1 oz per 2 sec. If you are dining in receptions or gatherings, it will not be a challenge to serve the wine in large amounts.

At a humble price point, this aerator and pourer can make even a cheap bottle to taste better. If you are on a tight budget, there is no need to purchase the most expensive wines as the product will do its magic to make a more pleasant experience out of a cheap bottle. Also, the product doesn’t require the use of batteries and other additional features. Such a smart purchase, right?

All the materials used to make the Rabbit Aerator and Pourer are of top quality. In other words, it is made for long-term use. With its durable construction, every penny you spend is worth it. The stainless steel accents don’t only provide a neat and polished look, but also warrants maximum safety from rust and corrosion. You can expect the product to last for years; hence, it can keep you company as you repeatedly build bridges in friendships during wine sessions.

The aerator and pourer can be cleaned easily with just soap and running water. There are no corners or seams that cannot be reached so you can ensure a deep-cleaned aerator and pourer after every use. Since no residue settles in any part of the product, there is always guaranteed safety.

What’s excellent about aerators that are made of high-grade materials is that they are safe from cracks. With the Rabbit Aerator and Pourer, cracking is not an issue. You can use it repeatedly, and you don’t need to worry about it cracking anytime soon. The parts of the product are detachable, making it convenient to store in a cupboard when not in use. By the time you’ll open the next bottle of wine, you can just grab the parts from your stock and set it up easily,


The only downside of the Rabbit Aerator and Pourer is it’s not dishwasher friendly. However, this isn’t too much of a problem as the aerator and pourer is small and easy to wash by hand.

Because this product aerates faster, the wine can be consumed right away, which is especially important when using the wine as a pairing. Along with creative dishes, you can easily share a glass of a well-made wine no matter the occasion. While wine is meant to be shared and savored, it’s worth noting that it carries a responsibility to enjoy in moderation.