The Wine Society Review

With increasingly busy schedules filled with endless commitments, it’s not hard to jump at every opportunity that screams convenience. During celebrations, shopping for the best wines for your guests always seems like a lot of work.

The good news is, you can automate that aspect of your life by joining the wine society. This wine club is noted for its remarkable selection of wines from around the world and at affordable price points.

When you can’t make it to the wine shop to see the best vinos, the wine society will deliver them to you.

History of The Wine Society

Without the Great Exhibitions in the mid 19th century, this Stevenage-based organization could not have existed at all.

In 1874, wine growers from Portugal shipped wines to London to be exhibited at the Royal Albert Hall. Unfortunately, an oversight led the vintages undiscovered and laying deep in cellars beneath the hall. The growers, who were very dismayed with the forgotten shipment, asked for help. To avoid a diplomatic incident, the Royal Albert Hall architect, Major-General Henry Scott, and R. Brudenell Carter developed a solution.

Together they set up a succession of lunches to publicize the Portuguese vintages. Most of the guests liked the wine that General Scott suggested that they put together a cooperative company to purchase the best wine from around the world and sell it to wine lovers at modest prices. Thus, The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Limited came into existence.

The society welcomed new members, and in 1965, it owned 3 cellars in London: one at Rotherhithe, one at Joiner Street under London Bridge, and one under the Palladium. In the same year, the society moved from London to Stevenage, where it has since been based.

After 145 years, the society continues to believe that the best wines shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The society also believes that passion should come first before profit, that’s why there are no fake discounts, and there are no external holders making demands.

For full details on the timeline of the society’s history, click here.

Membership Cost

As low as $40 signs you up for a lifetime. To help you explore the company’s finest wines, you’ll receive $20 towards your first order. Furthermore, the wine society’s lifetime share lets you enjoy free shipping and online management of the wine society membership. You can change wine quantities, swap, or add additional products to upcoming orders.


Simplicity permeates every aspect of this wine club. All the wine society champagnes are clearly described and easy to navigate on the website. Moreover, browsing through the society’s website can be absorbing and addictive. It is not only because of the endless wine options, but also for the recipes, regional guides, and articles on growers and grape varieties. You can even sign up to a wealth of events such as tutored tastings, informal tastings, wine workshops, lunches, and dinners.

Customer Service

You can communicate with the wine club’s staff through their designated contact form or email address provided on the website. While it would have been preferable to narrate your pressing issues via a phone call instead of mail, this is perfectly understandable given that phone conversations can take forever, and the customer service representative can only complete them one at a time.

Canned Wines

The Wine Society contradicts convention by selling 3 canned wine blends. While some consumers cringe at canned wines, the society believes that cans are perfect for wine pleasure on the go. It’s easy to take them with you during adventures and trips. Besides, cans are more flexible, more portable, more approachable, non-breakable, and environment friendly.

These canned wine blends are made in California’s vineyards. The four standard choices are as follows:

  • TEMPT (premium red wine): a blend of Petite Verdot, Petite Syrah, and Syrah
  • CHANCE (premium rosé wine): a blend of Barbera and Syrah
  • FATE (premium white wine): a blend of Chardonnay and Albarino

Each can contain 500 mL of wine, reflecting the mantra ‘drink less but drink better’. The cans’ design mirrors society’s goal to keep things sleek and simple, thereby reflecting the word ‘society’. While the wine society appeals to all wine lovers, the canned wines are obviously for the Millenials who want to document their drinking sessions and humblebrag the aesthetics. The cans are classic, sophisticated, and of course, Instagram-worthy.

Best Selling Wine Gift Sets from The Wine Society

Whether it’s a Christmas present, a special thank you, a wedding gift, a birthday treat, or any celebration, the wine society’s gift service makes sending presents easy, affordable, and personalized. The wine society gifts come in attractive gift boxes and a personal message card and case note with full details of the delicious treats inside.

The Little Black Box

Members of the society suggest that newbies start things off with the Little Black Box containing the three core wine blends.

TEMPT is a premium red wine and a blend of Petite Verdot, Petite Syrah, and Syrah. It is sweet, dry, dark, and elusive. It’s perfect for when you need to de-stress after a long and exhausting day.

CHANCE is a premium rose wine and a blend of Barbera and Syrah. Its versatility makes it suitable for nearly every occasion, from anniversaries, birthdays, dinner dates, barbecues, warm to cool nights.

FATE is a premium white wine and a blend of Chardonnay and Albarino. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing. It’s the go-to-choice for sunny picnics, poolside lounging, and lazy brunches.

The 3-pack costs $49. But if you sign up for a quarterly shipment, you’ll pay $99 quarterly for the 9 pack club shipment, which may consist of one wine blend or a mixture of all blends. Compared to leading wine clubs, this price range is considered reasonable.

Three Vintage Clarets

As the name suggests, the gift box contains three delicious bottles of claret. This tempting trio of supple and satisfying red wines sells at $34.

Six Vintage Clarets

At $55, you can double the fun with these six vintage clarets from the wine society.