What Does a Wine Aerator Do

Have you ever let yourself drown in the aroma of a velvety wine?

If you have, then you know how aroma plays an immensely important part in completing the wine drinking experience.

There is a reason why wine is distinct from rest of the alcoholic drinks.

There is a reason why it has incredible number of types, tastes, and connoisseurs.

There is a reason why drinking wine is not just drinking but an experience. An experience that is enhanced in all its shape and form by a process, Aeration.

If you’re a wine lover, which you most probably are, since you’re reading this, you’ll want to find out everything there is, about this enhancing process.

So here we bring to you, our blog post that will tell you all about Wine Aerators and Aeration!

Keep reading to find out!

What Does It Mean To Aerate Wine?

A process that has been followed since centuries, wine aeration is integral to every sophisticated wine there is. Without wasting any time, let’s jump to what this process really is. This section will provide you with all the juicy details!

Aeration, like the name suggests, has a lot to do with air. But what has air got to do with wine? A whole lot!

Aeration involves two processes, oxidation, and evaporation. While we use oxidation to pacify natural maturity, evaporation is generally used to concentrate naturally. We all know oxidation gives us a riper apple and evaporation gives us a thicker soup.

The same processes are also used in our wines. Oxidation works its magic on the various components that give taste to the wine, while evaporation eliminates the unnecessary components.

These ‘unnecessary’ components are essential during the winemaking, like ethanol (or alcohol) and sulfites. However, one doesn’t need their rotten egg-like powerful, unpleasant smells to interfere with their wine drinking experiences.

This opens the door to Wine Aeration.

Why Do You Aerate Wine?


That is the whole intention of wine aeration summed up in a word.

It oxidizes the juicier components, enhancing their tastes multiple times. It evaporates unpleasant smelling or pungent smelling compounds, enriching the aroma.

Moreover, some released compounds, on interacting with oxygen, evolve. This ensures that your wine expands its range of aromas. It also ensures its aroma lasts long before it fades.

Interestingly, aerating can also help harmonize a wine’s structure, particularly tannins that are elements that provide a drying sensation to the palate.

What Is a Wine Aerator?

Now we all know how wine aeration can make your expensive wine worth it. But the most important question, how do we carry out this magical process we have been going on and on about.

It’s as simple as a two-word answer; Wine Aerators. That is what this blog section will talk about.

In this age and time when Wine Tasting is becoming a fast-growing trend, technology decided it is time to have a handy device that can make this nature’s magic possible quickly and easily.

A wine aerator is easy to use, a handy accessory that rapidly introduces air into your wine, in the right amounts, for the right duration, and kickstarts the oxidation and evaporation processes.

It is just a solution to make a normal wine classic within minutes!

What Does Aeration Do To Wine?

When done right, the result will be a richer wine, with a more concentrated taste and an enticing aroma. Altogether, a rich experience.

However, the keyword is when done right! Although well-advanced aerators make the task really easy for you, you have to take care of the type of wine and the duration between aeration and consumption.

The enriching qualities only remain for a while, after which your wine will start flatting out both, its flavor and aroma.

Higher density and freshly blended wines are the best examples of what aeration can do to a wine. Old, fragile wines, however, may succumb to aeration and lose their flavor and smell within minutes.

Is Wine Aerator A Necessity?

If you are the one to cherish your wine drinking experience, then a wine aerator is indispensable for you!

If you think logically, an expensive wine will still won’t taste like the flavor it has the ability to possess. That flavor can appear and make your wine taste like it costs, all you have to do is attach an aerator at the mouth of your expensive bottle.

By this logic, you can even make your inexpensive wine taste like an expensive one! It is an investment that you’ll value.

Not only that, a wine aerator makes wine pouring and aerating as hassle-free as it can be. You don’t need to waste that excess wine in the decanter; you don’t have to worry about spilling while pouring. You can aerate your wine per glass and save the rest for tomorrow.

Aerators are in fact, the faster way out to aerate the wine you’ve been waiting to savor for so long. Instead of letting your wine breathe in a decanter for long periods, you can do the same work super fast.