What’s the Purpose of a Decanter

Are you looking for a reason to get yourself a decanter?

This article will give you many!

You may have randomly come across this fancy word on the internet or may have witnessed people showing it off in parties, or it may be one of the things you aspire to have for your exquisite wine collection.

Regardless of the reason, you have been wondering about wine decanters for a while now, and that is what brings you here.

You have chosen to click the link to this blog post, and are looking for reasons to click the ‘buy’ button for a brand new decanter?

Well, here we are with all you need to know before you make that decision.

From listing out and explaining the purpose of decanters to the vast variety that you will find on the market, we have you covered.

In fact, to further ease your confusion, this blog post will also help you to choose the best decanter for the best of your wines.

The True Purpose Of a Decanter

Decantation is the process where liquid from another vessel is poured into the decanter in order to separate a small volume of liquid that contains sediment from a larger volume of relatively clear liquid.

So, the primary function of a decanter is to separate the sediments of your wine from the lighter, clearer part.

The decanter gets the better parts of your wine that can then be transferred to your glasses.

To understand another popular use of decanter, you need to ask yourself a question:

Do you know what aeration is?

Well, irrespective of whether your answer is a yes or a no, we will briefly summarize the concept of aeration in this section so that you can understand what exactly decanter does.

Aeration is basically exposing your blended wines to air, letting them breathe for a while, interact with the molecules of air.

Why is this at all necessary?

To improve your wine’s overall quality.

By quality, we mean the flavor, texture, aromas everything will improve while the drying characteristics, the tannic intensity will reduce.

In entirety, you will get to experience a different wine than what you bought, and it will most definitely be worth more.

Moving on to what decanter has to do with wine and aeration, the decanter is like that perfect medium where wine meets air.

You can’t just open your bottle and let it breathe. Your wine needs ample exposure to air, with a certain velocity.

Decanter’s design and composition are engineered in a way that is most effective to aerate wines and letting them breathe.

While these were the most important reasons why people far and wide use decanters, there are always more benefits. One of them being, a decanter increases the glam quotient of drinking or serving wine.

Owing to interesting shapes and forms, the decanter can be a classy way to serve wines when hosting that cool party!

Another plus point is spill-free pouring.

Most decanters are made in a way that makes it easy for you to transfer the wine into your glasses without losing any of it in the process.

A Peek at the Types Of Decanters

Well, you can always differentiate decanters on the basis of how cool their designs look. But when you browse the different types, you have to look for a decanter that meets your needs.

This section of the article will brief you with the basic types you will find.

Decanters can take style really seriously, so there are a whole variety of decanters that focus solely on how much it sparkles and how good it looks on the serving table.

While other decanters are mainly engineered to provide the greatest exposure to air and let the wine breathe in peace.

There are decanters you will find that focus on durability, that claim to be break resistant.

And then there are those that know all you want is quick aeration, and so they come with quick aeration systems.

Finally, there are also a whole host of decanters for particular types of wines like Merlot. You can also find decanters that decant and aerate wine per glass!

How To Choose The Right Decanter For Your Wine?

If you are a regular wine drinker and have tasted more than a few wines, we can comfortably guess you might have a favorite. Every wine drinker has a prized possession, a basic taste when it comes to wines.

When choosing the right decanter, you not only have to choose the one that appeals to you, but also the one that will best serve the purpose for your favorite wine.

This section of the article will tell you more!

Firstly, when looking at the variety of decanters that are available these days, one basic rule that you have to follow irrespective of what wine you drink, is to go for a lead-free crystal decanter.

Lead can seep into the wine and be toxic to your body, thus should be avoided at all costs.

Now, if you are a rich red wine lover and buy bottles of full-bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Tannat, Monastrell, Tempranillo, etc., you should go for a wide based decanter.

These need more oxidation and aeration and will require a greater surface area.

Similarly, medium bodied reds like Merlot, Sangiovese, Barbera can work with medium sized decanters and while looking for a decanter to serve Pinot Noir and Beaujolais, don’t bother much.

A small, fancy looking decanter will also serve the purpose.

For white wines, generally, decanting isn’t necessary and you can go for the one you think looks the coolest!

Still Confused?

Are you convinced that you want to get yourself a decanter and have understood the types and selection process, but still can’t decide upon the one?

If you are still confused, look for decanters that can be overall beneficial and hassle-free for you, like the Le Chateau Wine Decanter which is 100% hand-blown and has a long, slanted neck which makes it ideal for spill-free pouring and cleaning.

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It comes with lead-free crystals, so you don’t have to worry about lead seeping in.

You can decant all types of wines efficiently, and what’s more? It has got smooth and elegant looks!

So go ahead, make your decision, and have a gala time with your new and improved wine collection!