Best Wine Aerator Reviews: Top 7 for 2023

Wine aerators found their way to the market a decade ago, and ever since then; they have been used more than the decanters!

This is mainly because with wine aerators, one doesn’t need to wait for hours to drink a glass of wine.

But, what is aeration, anyway?

To answer the question, aeration of wine is letting the wine undergo two things:

  • Oxidation
  • Evaporation

Through aeration, the unwanted particles in the wine get evaporated, and the desirable particles remain.

So, aeration of wine enhances its flavor!

Wine aerators are by far the best thing that has been invented in the wine industry.

These devices are made of plastic, steel or glass, and can be held over the glass, for the wine is poured through them. Regardless of how old or young the wine, wine aerator pourers help in improving their taste, odor, and flavor.

Take a Look at the Types Of Wine Aerators You Can Find on the Market

In this section of the article, we will quickly go over some of the types of wine aerators you’ll find on the market.

In-bottle Wine Aerators

  • These are directly fixed onto the neck of the bottle, and the oxygen enters through this aerator spout.
  • It doesn’t add much aeration, but it’s easy to use and doesn’t cause much spillage. These aerators are relatively cheaper and more affordable. They are user-friendly and are must-haves for home bars.

In-glass Wine Aerators

  • They decant and aerate at the same time. However, these aren’t user-friendly and require a little bit of experience, but they certainly are more effective.

Electric Wine Aerators

  • They are not cost effective, but they are easy to use.
  • You fix the aerator on the top of the bottle and then press the button for aeration. They happen to be the best for large scale wine companies and bars.
  • In this best aerator for wine reviews we’ll go through some of the best wine aerators you can buy on the market along with some other essential things you need to know.

Let’s get started.

Here are the Wine Aerators Reviews (Updated for 2023)

Now, it’s time to take a quick peek at some of the best wine aerators available to choose from on the market.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Top Pick: Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
Top Pick: Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
Top Pick: Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
Our Score

This slick wine aerator is what every wine lover needs. It is designed with a durable acrylic spout that makes infusing oxygen into the wine more straightforward. While it’s simple and inexpensive, it doesn’t keep you from enjoying a fuller and more flavorful wine. 

What Customers Have to Say

The wine aerator pourer looks awkward and feels slightly cheap to one customer. This made him hesitant in buying the tool. But after reading positive reviews, he wanted to see if the Vintorio wine aerator pourer could transform his nightcaps. After trying the wine from the wine bottle with the aerator pourer on, he immediately noticed that it made the wine taste smoother. It also has helped cut down the bitterness of the wine’s aftertaste. 

Another customer, who likes to hold a party every so often, specifically said that the tool is now her go-to-aerator pourer for parties. Because cleaning is as easy as running it under the faucet, she doesn’t have a hard time cleaning the tool before switching to a different bottle of wine. 

Why We Think It’s Great

The Vintorio wine aerator pourer gives your wine a good shot of oxygen. And because the spout is slanted and made of acrylic, the wine will not leak or spill out. 

When hosting parties, this tool is very handy as it can accommodate large quantities of wine. Thanks to the large aeration chamber, your guests can continue to enjoy the wine in large amounts. 

Even when you are serving the cheapest bottle of wine, this aerator pourer will do wonders by activating the volatile compounds that give your cheap bottle of wine its unique aromas. Therefore, the wine will have more bubbles in the glass and will taste better. 

If your guests haven’t finished the better tasting wine, don’t feel bad as the aerator pourer can also act as a cork. The tapered rubber gasket will keep the flavors intact, so your leftover wine should be fine until your next party.

Who Should Buy It

If you feel that you spend far too much money buying a wine aerator and a wine pourer, save money and spend less on the Vintorio wine aerator pourer. It’s a 2-in-1 product that proved efficient in aerating and pouring wine.

2. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator
2. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator
2. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator
Our Score

Like a Ferrari's engine, this wine aerator can be identified by its unique sound of aerating.  And while it favors red wine, it also makes white wine taste better.

What Customers Have to Say

The wine aerator doesn't disappoint. An Amazon shopper noticed that the tart bite in the wine disappeared after using the Vinturi V1010. Although she was worried that the wine didn't have as many bubbles as his previous aerator had left,  the aerated glass still appeared much smoother than the non-aerated glass. 

Another customer, who is new to the concept of wine aerators, gave the Vinturi V1010 a shot. He immediately noticed the difference. The wine that had been poured into the glass through the Vinturi V1010 appeared to be more flavorful than the wine that had been poured directly into the glass. Besides, the customer is pleased with the aerator's filter as it caught debris she hadn't noticed before.

Why We Think It’s Great

This 6-inch tall wine aerator is all about aerating wine in the shortest possible time. It also makes a bubbly whooshing sound so that you know you're using an authentic product from the brand. The aerator looks good as it works, and this makes it ideal for parties and gatherings.

Featuring an easy-grip body and a clear acrylic top, the wine aerator also comes with a filter and a no-drip stand. This unique design promises perfectly aerated wine with every glass. And because the aerator doesn't have many parts, it's easy to care for. 

Who Should Buy It

This wine aerator is your best pick if you want to elevate your wine drinking experience. It can make even a cheap bottle taste like a $50 one. Given its ability to transform wine, the Vinturi V1010 is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

3. JIFAR Electric Wine Aerator Pourer
3. JIFAR Electric Wine Aerator Pourer
3. JIFAR Electric Wine Aerator Pourer
Our Score

The primary benefit of the JIFAR electric wine aerator is its one-touch functionality. Unlike manual aerators, it makes hands-free and easier slow pouring possible. 

What Customers Have to Say

The product comes with suction tubes, carrying pouch, charging cord, wine stopper, manual wine bottle opener, and instructions. But according to one customer, the product is super easy to assemble, that she didn’t need the instructions. She’s totally impressed with her new pretty in black wine aerator as it fits perfectly into standard wine bottles.

Meanwhile, another customer expressed that the JIFAR electric wine aerator worked as advertised. The wine is very smooth and very well oxygenated. He furthered that the aerator, while handy for a nightly post-work drink, also makes the ideal party companion.

Why We Think It’s Great

There isn’t much setup involved with the JIFAR electric wine aerator, so you can get to enjoy a smoother, fuller-bodied glass of Cabernet Sauvignon quickly. The aerator looks quite fancy with its black, lucky red, matte, and taupe color options- making it the perfect conversation piece for your party.

Portable and very handy, the electric wine aerator from JIFAR comes with a little bag to store it in. Weighing only 1.3 pounds, the aerator is small enough to stow in a travel bag hence; you won’t miss happy hours while travelling. 

From bottle to glass, the JIFAR wine aerator doubles the value of your wine in an instant. It eliminates the bitter aftertaste and makes the wine much smoother. Moreover, the aerator features a sturdy plastic spout with a silicone cap for easier slow pouring. 

Who Should Buy It

If you’re looking for an aerator that gives you more bang for your buck, the JIFAR wine aerator is hard to ignore.  Besides quick aerating, it meets several demands- bottle opening, wine serving, and wine preservation.

4. NutriChef PSLWPMP50 Electric Aerator Dispenser
4. NutriChef PSLWPMP50 Electric Aerator Dispenser
4. NutriChef PSLWPMP50 Electric Aerator Dispenser
Our Score

When it comes to selecting the best wine aerator for parties, you want something that offers maximum convenience. You certainly don’t want to deal with any spills, which is precisely what the NutriChef PSLWPMP50 electric aerator dispenser is meant for. 

What Customers Have to Say

A father who lost his wine aerator purchased the NutriChef wine aerator as a replacement. He likes how the unit comes with a soft fabric bag that protects the diffuser metal finish from scratches.

In one comment, an Amazon customer did not hesitate to disclose that she had a hard time putting the batteries in fear of breaking them. However, after a few attempts, she realized that assembling the wine aerator isn’t that hard. She’s also happy that the wine aerator works well on both 720 mL and 1.5 L bottles.

Why We Think It’s Great

The wine aerator delivers a high degree of flexibility as it attaches to any wine bottle. With just a touch of a button, you can make your wine taste better, providing your guests with that unforgettable wine drinking experience. 

To activate the pump motor machine, all you have to do is press and hold the top button. This single-button feature is perhaps the classiest way to serve wine at dinner parties.

Expect no incident of spills as the Nutrichef PSLWPMP50 wine aerator boasts a metal spout that doesn’t spill or splash the wine. And in the case of leftovers, the airtight seal protects and keeps it fresh for days. 

The minimalist yet elegant design of this wine aerator makes it an excellent showpiece for all occasions. It’s also very easy to clean. While it could probably be run through the dishwasher, it might be a better idea to wash it by hand for thorough cleaning.

Who Should Buy It

Like the JIFAR wine aerator, this model is small enough to stow in a travel bag or picnic basket. Therefore, it’s ideal for anyone looking for a travel-friendly wine aerator.

5. Secura Deluxe Wine Aerator Aerating Pourer Spout
5. Secura Deluxe Wine Aerator Aerating Pourer Spout
5. Secura Deluxe Wine Aerator Aerating Pourer Spout
Our Score

Composed of rigid, crystal-clear acrylics, the Secure deluxe wine aerator is a true must-have. It comes with a classy holder stand, no-drip stand, and practical travel pouch. All these make it something that you should not miss out on.

What Customers Have to Say

A customer who bought this aerator for his father said it has a good value for its affordable price. He also likes that the aerator looks good on the countertop without being unreasonably expensive. 

Another customer expressed that she and her husband didn’t know what they were missing until they tried the Secura deluxe wine aerator. On one occasion, their friends came over for a social distancing evening of wine and brought over a bottle of zin that wasn’t good.

Luckily, the aerator was there to save the night by enhancing the flavor of the wine. They were all shocked that the aerator turned the zin into delightful from terrible. After experiencing the aerator’s efficiency firsthand, the couple now swears to not drink a single glass of wine without it.

Why We Think It’s Great

It engages a three-step aeration process that lets in more oxygen and brings the best of your wine. You can control the six speeds of aeration at the same time you’re holding the aerator above a wine glass and pouring the wine directly. This elevates your wine drinking experience, making the wine rather satisfying and relaxing. 

What’s more? The wine aerator enhances the flavor and aromas of your wine without having to wait for traditional decanters. All you need to do is buy yourself this aerator from Secura, which performs even better.

Who Should Buy It

Thanks to the free-standing holder, you can work with the wine aerator with a single hand. So, if you’re looking for a model that eliminates the struggle of using your two hands, this is the best option to choose.

6. Vinturi Wine Lovers Set Essential Red and White Wine Aerators
6. Vinturi Wine Lovers Set Essential Red and White Wine Aerators
6. Vinturi Wine Lovers Set Essential Red and White Wine Aerators
Our Score

Instead of pouring your bottle of wine into a decanter and letting it breathe, you can enjoy wine from the Vinturi Wine Lovers Set Essential Red and White Wine Aerators immediately.

What Customers Have to Say

An Amazon shopper got the set since Amazon’s price for a bundle is hard to pay no attention to. Once the package arrived, he and his wife immediately tested the aerators on a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine. Because they tasted the wine before aerating, it was easy to spot the difference. They were more than pleased with their purchase that they had ordered another set for a daughter who’s also a wine lover.

Decanting a whole bottle before serving is not hard to do. However, for someone who only likes to have a glass of wine every night, it’s quite a challenge to commit to decanting a whole bottle. To make life easier, one customer decided to purchase the Vinturi Wine Lovers Set Essential Red and White Wine Aerators. At last, there’s no need to finish the bottle in one sitting as they can now aerate one glass at a time. 

Why We Think It’s Great

The set allows you to enjoy your wine from the very first sip. Both feature a patented technology that draws in and mixes the perfect amount of oxygen to interact with wine.

In other words, this feature makes instantly aerating wine with ease and convenience possible. 

When it comes to performance, the red and white Vinturi is worth all the hype. It effectively aerates the wine and delivers recognizable improvements in an instant.

For most people, aerating white wine is no longer necessary as it doesn’t make that much of a difference. But, the white Vinturi is crafted to let people taste white wine the way the winemaker intended.

Who Should Buy It

This set is ideal for those who want to make the most of every drop of wine. Decanting the entire bottle and later throwing away the unfinished wine will become things of the past.

7. Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer
7. Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer
7. Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer
Our Score

The Rabbit wine aerator and pourer is crafted for wine enjoyment and experience. It’s made with quality materials and doesn’t need electricity to operate.

What Customers Have to Say

For one shopper, the Rabbit wine aerator and pourer is the perfect Christmas gift. Her parents love to drink excellent wine; however, they can’t finish a bottle in one sitting. Usually, they would decant their wines, which is not the best option knowing that they won’t finish the bottle that evening. Because the product allows them to aerate wine by the glass, not even a single drop goes to waste.

Another shopper expressed that he was reluctant at first to give the product a chance because it looks like a pouring spout. However, there’s a pretty indigenous feat of engineering going on in the wine aerator as you can hear the gurgling as the wine pours. 

Why We Think It’s Great

This aerator effectively eliminates the tannins in the wine, thereby producing a superior wine quality and better taste. It comes with a beautiful black silicone base that avoids spilling.

Not only that, but the design also provides long life and durability to the Rabbit wine aerator and pourer.

It works with all types of wine. It can even enhance a vintage wine without destroying its texture during the aeration process. You will get to enjoy the entire bouquet of flavors since the aerator removes unwanted residue and toxins left from the aging process.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the wine aerator can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It doesn’t have hard-to-reach corners or seams, so you can just run it under the tap. The only downside is that the wine aerator is non-dishwasher safe.

Who Should Buy It

The Rabbit wine aerator and pourer is ideal for those who want to impress their friends with better tasting wine. It can accommodate a large amount of wine, so it’s suitable for use when you are entertaining.

Wine Aerator FAQs Answered

In this section of our wine aerator reviews, we’ll make things a little bit easier for you by answering some of the frequently asked questions about wine aerators and pourers.

What are the Materials Used for Making Wine Aerators?

The material used for the aerators also plays a vital role.

Aerators made of glass, steel, or plastic do not provide an aftertaste, and this is a significant factor. Materials that alter the taste and chemical property of the wine shouldn’t be used.

Does The Size of the Wine Aerator Matter?

Wine aerators aren’t precisely large appliances, but some can be bigger and bulkier than the others.

A stopper kind of aerator is the best and handy.

How to Use the Aerator?

First, open the wine bottle with a corkscrew and make sure the glass is kept below.

You have to attach the aerator to the bottle end and pour the wine directly to the glass with tilting the wine bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. This will allow the right amount of oxygen to enter the wine, and also it poured into the glass perfectly.

Is Aerating the Wine Needed?

Aeration helps in bringing out the extreme potential of the wine, it softens it, and it makes the wine taste better!

Young wines are tasted better when aerated.

What Type of Wines Need Aeration?

Most red wines and some white wines need aeration.

This is because most white wines have fewer tannins, and they have balanced acidity. Hence they don’t need aeration or forcing of air into them.

You should never aerate a sparkling wine cause all the bubbles will escape.

You also have to know what wines should be aerated and what wines shouldn’t be. You have to make sure your wine selections are on point for aeration. Aerating gentle wines can blow them open and ruin the balance of the wine.

It ruins the acidity, Tannins, flavor, the odor of the wine.

Usually, cheaper wines don’t need Aeration cause they are meant to be drunk that way. You have to be careful while aerating the old wines.

You’ll have to use a decanter.

Old wines once they are sitting in the bottle for a long time can lose their flavor, tannins and odor in such wines use a decanter and let the wine mellow for a bit and then aerate it.

Naturally, it makes more sense to aerate younger and bolder red wines such as 2012 Syrah.

What Does an Aerator Do for the Red Wine?

We think funnels are the best way to aerate the red wine, but wine can be aerated just by pouring the wine into the glass as well by swirling the wine in the glass.

For extreme aeration, you’ll need an aerator after a while aerated wine begin to oxidize, and their flavors and aromas will flatten out.

What Are the Benefits of Aeration?

Not all wines will improve or change by Aeration.

Young and tannic wines with rich fruit are mostly aerated. These wines can soften and mellow within seconds, allowing them to be thoroughly enjoyed as close to their full potential as the age of the wine will allow.

Why Use an Aerator Instead of Traditional Decanter?

The traditional decanter is made of glass, and the wine is poured into it, and it’s allowed to settle for 30 mins.

This allows the wine to open up and helps the wine to attain its full potential.

The two main disadvantages are:

  • It’s time-consuming
  • You can’t pour the wine in the decanter back into the bottle; you have to either throw it away or consume the whole thing

Due to these disadvantages, most of them prefer aerators over traditional decanters.

Summing Up

You can stop worrying about finding the best aerator and buy the one that seems appealing to you.

No matter which aerator you use, all aerators open up the wine and improves the flavor and taste compared to the decanting ones. Aerating wine allows you to taste the richness of flavors.

It will make your $10 wine taste more like a $25!